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October 2023
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Social Dilemma Day #1 Journey w/ Dr. Eve
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Posted by: Dr. Eveangel H Savage @ 6:32 pm
After watching Social dilemma, I have decided to be intentional about unplugging from social media, at least from my cell phone because it is in my face.  It is without a doubt as a scholar that what is shared in this movie is TRUE.  It is another addiction.  It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use social media.  It means we should be intentional on when and how often we let it control our lives.  It is incredibly important to silence the noise so that you are able to be productive in all areas of your lives.  
Day 1.  After making the decision to delete the apps from my phone. I went to my phone and scanned the apps.  Which ones do I delete?  It was a scary feeling because I have literally used these apps as a way to communicate with the world on my phone.  My heart began to race.  What is this I am feeling?  Anxiousness!  “Girl, you about to severe yourself from the world?” or at least that was what I thought in the moment. When in reality, I can add them back and delete them when I want.  I get to choose.  I can always open my laptop and check out folks when I feel like it.  One thing for sure, I don’t sleep with my laptop in my hand.  But, that cell phone, wooo, good GOD.  Who else waking up with the cell phone in your hand? Well, I deleted, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube.  The only app I kept was instagram so I can share my latest blog post that will go directly to my Amazon author space and my professional “Like” page.  How is that for control?    
I feel empowered already!!!!  
Since this is my space.  I control it and everything I add to it.  I will be logging my journey here and sharing it to my social media so that I am guarding my eye gates from the rest of the world and their subliminal effects.  The time has come as I have often shared with every growing entrepreneur, you must have your own space.  
I will help the sheep that GOD has asked me to sheppherd
I will support GOD’s people as they grow in the ways that I can
I will be intentional about going live on a schedule.
I will build my own space in community with the team GOD has aligned for this time
I will create products that I can sell in my sleep.
I will write the books that GOD has instilled in me to help save his people
I will be intentional
I am expecting the team to hold me accountable.  How are you holding yourself accountable today?  
~Dr. Eve