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October 2023
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Self care in leadership is an important value of NCBWR Greenville
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Posted by: Dr. Eveangel H Savage @ 8:30 pm

Leaders of humanity are people, too.  We show up as people and professionals.  For many leaders, lived experiences are the why for their service to humanity.   Retreats are great spaces where people of like similarities gather to debrief from the ebbs and flows of life, careers, and business. Leaders share and work through processes in safe spaces of healing and self-care–needs we often forget in our service to humanity. 

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North Carolina’s Black Women’s Roundtable mission, vision, and values reinforce the importance of, “we have everything we need.”  I am a rural delegate standing in my truth to community with the courage that “we have everything we need.”  Courage is at the forefront of my service to humanity.  Courage requires..  the willingness to be vulnerable at times; confront situations with sensitivity and stay present for resolution; act on beliefs and hunches to help others socially engage; draw on emotional experiences to identify with others; examine one’s own life; and deliver care and compassion in a direct, honest, and respectful way. 

Special thank you to Shemekka Ebony & Solanke Omimuyegun for their expertise and co-facilitation of NCBWR 2018 City Delegate retreat. I enjoyed being on the other side of the process for self care in leadership.  Sometime you have get somewhere and sit down.


My courage strengthened through others as I modeled what I expected from others-the willingness to take the risk of sharing vulnerabilities.  This space provided a safety net to resolve the triggers of external conflict and forged an opportunity to stay present in a supportive environment. Group dynamics consist of diverse populations with complex identities.  Upon gathering, I knew only what I could see.  Relationship building through the group process was a gateway to the hearts of kindred sisters.  We thrive in unity as we build our movement in helping others to identify and develop their superpowers with what we know and are able to teach.  We are more than we see. 

For more tips and tools on group facilitation processes, please feel free to visit my space and learn how to organize your small, medium, or large group with a multicultural social justice approach in developing for social and civic engagement through online/offline group processes.  

What are some activities that you can share that are helping you to achieve self-care in your life, career, and business?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Please leave us a comment below and subscribe if you would like updates on our blogpost for “Invigorating Others”

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