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September 2018
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I left the blood of my oppressor on the streets of Washington, D.C. by Dr. Eveangel Savage
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Posted by: Dr. Eveangel H Savage @ 8:33 pm

Whew!!!  I needed that rest. It is 9:30 a.m. and seventeen-hours after the most exhilarating act of freedom I have experienced–Black Women’s March 2018, sponsored by Black Women’s Blueprint.  Shout out to my sisters in the rising at Sister Song.  Thank you, Sister Monica Simpson and the amazing leaders who gathered black women of the south to participate in this historic event . 

I left the blood of my oppressor on the streets of Washington, D.C. My, molester is six-feet and under-to that intimate partner who did not understand that “NO” is a whole sentence, you shall reap what you have sown. I had nothing to lose yesterday, but my chains in exchange for my peace in solidarity with thousands of other black women and girls who lived to tell their story.    I will no longer carry the heaviness of that weight.  The march was lit and an amazing story of truth and legacy I will share with my daughters, granddaughters, and others who desire to stand tall in their truth. 

There is nothing greater than a purpose-driven life.  A life that allows you the flexibility of living life on GOD’s terms.

Now onward to this mountain of freshly washed laundry; an office scattered with papers; a poodle starving for attention; a parakeet wired for sound; dishes and my awesome husband who makes room for my gifts at the drop of a dime.  Get it done, girl!  

Answer the email, fold a towel, check on mom, remind my husband of upcoming events with some time just for him.  I feel like I’m having an attention deficit.  Can you just do one thing at a time?” I tell myself—just maybe if you complete one task at a time you will have a sense of accomplishment.  In the words of my grandmother, “that is too much like right.”   Haha (laughing to myself)   Since when have I led life in order?  Some of my best decisions and outcomes were made to order (haha). Achievement and reward in that order forever how long it takes.  We spend to much time conforming to what other people think.  One thing for sure—I am independent and FREE to be ME! 

Using my lived experiences help me to heal and grow.  Our lives are an open book of stories.  I use my stories to empower others to live their best life.  It is our duty to fight, it is our duty to win.  Telling my stories have open amazing doors of independence.  YOU also have a story.  Living life independently and free of is my now and I say goodbye to yesterday.  My why is right in front of me serving me well.  Who said, I we had to live life on other people’s terms.   My business concept is not the norm-it is not suppose to be.  We are originals, with original stories, albeit similar, yet different.  I get to disrupt societal norms and bring all of me to what I do. 

Have you ever desired a more flexible life while doing what you absolutely loved to do?  Do not wait another second. Take the risk to learn how you can remove the glass ceiling.  We no longer have to live life according to someone else’s standards.  I dare you to join the movement and learn how to build your own dream.  This is sweet!  Join the movement 

One item at a time I fold, one email reply at a time, unpack my travel bag, put some things in place, make some dinner, and plan for my MISTER.  How are you disrupting the norm for a life, movement and message to your economic empowerment?

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