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February 2019
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Remember, no matter what I will always love you…
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Posted by: Dr. Eveangel H Savage @ 8:19 pm

Sitting here inside the car reading and waiting for her to get out of dance rehearsal, the dusk of night is settling.  The neighborhood is quiet and the dancers are in and out of the building as they practice for their upcoming event. It’s hot in the non air conditioned building.  I can’t see her. Suddenly, there on the screen of my phone is a text message, “remember that no matter what I will always love you”. My heart begins race and drops to the pit of my stomach–he is in trouble.  I always know when he is in trouble. I quickly dial the only contact I knew to get more information–his wife. What can you tell me? He is locked in the house with a weapon. I am afraid.

I need someone to call the police and get them there.  I can hear someone in the background, I have tried to get him to come out.  He says, if anyone sends the police he is going to kill himself. Standing there on the corner, I begin to panic.  I can’t get to him. If only I could get to him, I could talk to him–get him to think a different way. Pacing back and forth, I see other moms drive up.  In a panic, I gather the mothers there and share what is going on. Frightened we do only what we know to do. Right there on the corner we began to prayer against what was coming against his mind.


Looking up, she belts across the road, not looking.  The fear in her eyes suggest she knows something. She screams, mommy, mommy, he is gonna kill himself.  He said good-bye and I love you. Feeling angered that he would send that message to her, I had to taper my emotions to embrace and calm her.  It’s o.k., I said repeatedly In my mind, he is in danger, but now, I have a suicidal son and a frightened daughter and my emotions are out the roof.  Tears are flowing, mommy, mommy. We proceeded to pray my church family and I knowing that where there are two or three in agreement, GOD will be in the midst. He was rescued that day.  Special thank you to Onica Royal and Debra Montgomery who met me there on the corner that day.

Tear the Veil (2 Book Series) by  Fumi Hancock Wendy Alexander Eryka T. Johnson Dr. Leonora Muhammad Yolanda Dupree Fatima Mohammed Santana Johnas, Flerida Ramona Phillips Zizo Mda Jay Kamara Frederick FUMI HANCOCK Chanelle Washington Markita D. Collins Onyinye Chukwunyerenwa Dr. Debby Olusa Hines Savage, Dr. Eveangel Edna ChiChi Njoku Ramona Jones Dana Priyanka Teri Charles

Depression is real.  People who are depressed cannot explain why they are depressed.  Depression is  a mental disorder that should be treated.  Therapy was my bonus over suicide.  You never know when those you love will get to a place like the scene of above.  These are one of many lived experiences I have battled for the last 45 years.    Listen more. Offer help. Learn more from those who share their stories as fearless visionaries in Tear the Veil

~Dr. Eve

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