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July 2020
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I’m having a hard time…
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Posted by: Dr. Eveangel H Savage @ 7:06 pm

I’m having a hard time…

How many times have you heard this phrase in the last few months.  We (the nation) have been stripped of norms:  daycare, schools, outings, dates, workspace, and so much more.  Our lives are threatened by the normal things we used to do and the ways we once behaved. I am a mother of four adult children, wife of 29 years, and grandmother of six. I dare to say that today’s norms do not impact me in the way that it does my children and my grandchildren. Today’s parents present a different story.  

Many have lost jobs and benefits.   Others have pivoted to work from home.  These parents present working alongside their children in unsuitable environments with productivity issues across all facets of life.   In the meantime, there are hundreds of thousands of essential workers who continue to sacrifice their physical health to take care of others.  Jobs provide a means to a way; provide a social outlet, familial structure, purpose, and meaning.  Some are feeling hopeless, hurt, angry, and depressed–I hear YOU all!

The struggle may present discomfort in playing so many roles simultaneously as husband, wife, dad, mom, employee, teacher, daycare provider and more.  I am not sure how I would have responded in today’s COVID-19.  I have three grandchildren for a few days to give my son a break with a 2, 4, and 11-year old. 

My granddaughter is getting some learning time separate from her sister.  When the 2 and 4 year old are together all the time, it is difficult to give her the attention she needs in the moment as she prepares for school.  I gave them each time for this activity, at different times and it was very effective.  They did not fight over the coloring book or the crayons.  The isolated and observed time also kept the two-year old from coloring on anything other than her coloring sheet.  She was so focused. Nevertheless, I, too, felt what they are experiencing today.  Intervention is necessary. Can you hear them?  

Follow my blog as I share some of the lived experiences of our parents in this moment and share some recommendations along the way.

~Dr. Eve