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December 2020
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“It’s not fair,” we have to do something different maal Dilemma Day#2
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Posted by: Dr. Eveangel H Savage @ 8:38 pm
I still reached for the phone upon waking for the third time.  It took a minute, to think about the phone.  I just wanted to sleep.  The one thing that was clear even upon grabbing the phone is that there were no apps on the phone to grab my attention before I could even given GOD thanks for waking me up this morning.  I even alerted the family.  Now this would be the hard part as they laugh…
Could it be that my subconscious mind had the chance to get conditioned because of the intention I set on yesterday to delete the apps.  Not sure.  When I opened my messages though, there is my son laughing at my family message.  
decision would certainly be difficult for them because they be in my messenger video calling–everybody be video calling.  
Facebook video chat has been a lifesaver between me and the children for right now video chatting because I am the only android user as you can see in the message above.  Here is the deal though…  2020 has wreaked havoc.  The only way Ive been able to build a relationship with my grandson is through video calls.  It brings me to tears some time to think of the hardship that people all over the world have had.  Mobile social support has been a game changer.  It has been the glue to keep families in touch with each other.  It has been the provider of health care and so much more.  
My daughter reached out to me the way she does normally, forgetting that I took the app off the phone.  She called and said, “it’s not fair” we have to do something different ma, this has been the way we communicate.  I said, well buy me a iphone and I can facetime.  No, ma.  I need more time to buy your an iphone…lol.  At any rate, did you know there is a messenger for windows..  My word!
Anything to see him!
There are many social dilemmas going on and connectedness via mobile applications to social support is necessary. Be gentle with yourself.  Just  remember there are things you still need to be doing to grow and develop, so set a few boundaries.  Maybe add the apps back daily between certain hours.  What are your thoughts?
~Dr. Eve