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March 2023
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Mom, I Need You, Safety Nets…
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Posted by: Dr. Eveangel H Savage @ 4:23 pm
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 “Mom, I need you,””mom, i don’t feel well,””mom, can you come and get me,””mom, I’m sad,”  Are you familiar with any of these phrases?  Well, if you parent long enough, you will hear them.  Not one, not two, not three, but all four of my loves have frequent these phrases for everything growing up as a child and beyond.  The one thing a mom will do, is beckon to this call which brings me to the point of this conversation. Have you considered, “Mom, I need you” safety nets? 

Many of you are preparing your young adults to leave the nest for new jobs, missions, and college campuses throughout the United States.  After working in academia for many years, the student processes remain the same, orientations, advisors, course registrations, books, dorms, and food.  The one thing that falls short on preparation is the out-of-pocket costs of healthcare that “mom, i need you” safety net away from home.  Today, our children qualify to stay on our health insurance until they are 26–that is a plus. 

Here is how that is working for most parents…  


The lack of a out of an pocket “mom I need you safetynet” was a nightmare for me and my young adults.   Here’s the thing…if your student goes away to college, then they are most likely to be out of network for healthcare coverage. The out of pocket cost were ridiculous.  The college offered my child student healthcare coverage, payable through tuition and fees (at the tune of $700+ per year).  Of course, there is always the student health center, urgent care or emergency centers in the surrounding area.

For parents and students, the latter are problematic. Parents you or your young adults will own the cost of not having a mom I need you safetynet for the out-of-pocket costs. 

Parents, do you remember what it was like to get service at the student health center? My point exactly!!!!  I’d rather go to the nearest urgent care. Most college students are broke and can’t pay the upfront costs of urgent care that averages $65.00 per visit.  Even within network they will still have to make the co-pay of $20-$40.  Many students will go to the emergency room if its within distance just to be seen by a doctor in the moment.  These emergency visits lead to high out of pocket cost because 60% of emergency visits are non-emergent.  They really just needed mom.  

Case in point, this uber mom has shared her love chauffeuring around sick youngins to urgent care facilities.  I have plenty of mask on deck for the students who forget to tell me they were just diagnosed with the flu.  

However, I, like you could not kick my heels together and be there, so let’s be proactive. Non emergent needs can now be resolved through what I am referring to as the “Mom I need you”, healthcare safetynets of online visits with the doctor. These plans are available through your insurance plan, but you still eat the cost of an office visit.

I discovered the best plan yet for my college bound student. My baby girl is the last of my tribe and I am implementing my “Mom, I need you,” healthcare safety net.   For $12.95 per month and unlimited doctor visits, my daughter can see the doctor via her smartphone within 15 minutes for non emergency visits.  Unless she is bleeding, broken, or needs a physical exam, this plan works!  It will also work when she just needs someone to talk through the woes of this new life with the mental health care option at no extra cost.  

The doctor will meet our children right where they are.  
No waiting long hours, traveling on buses, riding ubers and infecting others with a high fever just to get to a doctor and be told you it has to take its course or could be resolved with a simple prescription. 

Parents, please while you are preparing your children for college, be proactive.  This is the one thing that is often forgotten.  Implement a “Mom, I need you” healthcare safetynet.

I am thankful for all the things I learned from other parents and am so delighted to help you in your journey along the way.  What are some concerns you may have about the college journey?  Inquiring minds want to know.  Please leave us a comment below and subscribe if you would like updates on our blog post for “Invigorating Others”
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56 Responses to “Mom, I Need You, Safety Nets…”

  1. Dr Princess Fumi Hancock. Says:
    What a powerful message. So glad you stepped out to share. Today, we will be better for it.
  2. Dr. Eveangel Savage Says:
    Thank you, Dr. Hancock. Being parent is no easy feat and its even more difficult when our children are away. I hope to share more as I take these next steps with my last born on her quest for life.
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